Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Poste Kitchen & Bar

I haven't been writing for a while and it feels good to be back (thanks to the long weekend :).

Yesterday, I had a pretty amazing day working out of the office. We had a press conference in one of my favorite cafes in Jakarta, Poste Kitchen & Bar.

My boss and I were looking for a casual warm and cozy venue for the event. We spent 1.5 hours hopping from one cafe to the nexts. Almost frustrated. We did have something in mind. But, didn't want to settle with second best so easily. 

Suddenly, I remembered a cafe I once visited and fell in love with because of its interiors. We dropped by and yes! We liked it. And I still adore it.

 The Kitchen & The Bar

The Bar

The Kitchen

I so adore the tiles :)

Excellent service and delicious food.
Thanks Poste! 

Poste Kitchen & Bar
The East Tower, Ground Floor
Mega Kuningan


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