Friday, September 21, 2012

Mom's Garden

Hi there!!

Last weekend I went back to my hometown for a short visit.

So, happy to see my family especially my mom and my nieces! 

My parents love gardening too. We have fruity plants, herbs, flowers and Sansevieria and more. My mom smartly planted many tall lemon grasses to fence our house from dusty street! Ain't she artistic, creative and brilliant? :)

Check out some of her babies in the garden:

Orange Rose! 

It's a wonderful flower. For me it looks like the combination of Orchid and Lavender 

 This leafy plant caught my eyes. Look how happy it is!


Can't wait to be home again! :)

Do you want to share your garden with me? You can! Drop me your garden pictures, tell me more about it and I will post it in my blog! 


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