Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY Sea Shells

Still in the mood for colors and paints! :)

Last weekend, I bought some food coloring and molders in Titan, a baking store (read: heaven!! hehehe) in Cilandak, Jakarta.

Check out what I did with them! :)

I bought a molder of a set of sea shell. I can't wait to mold them with colored clay!

I played with deep purple, sky blue and royal blue

Soon to be my new pendants! 
 I don't have the necklace tile at the moment :)

I was lucky to get a great sea shell molder which is pretty detail I must say. 

Last one! Gorgeous! Again thanks to the molder! :)

I got the clay from a bookstore. But I learn that there are many ways to make our own clay, such as this and this.

If you don't have a molder, you can shape it up with your hands such by flattening, rolling or twisting the clay. 

Have fun! :)


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