Friday, September 21, 2012

Dyed Tissue Paper

Hi again! :)

The thought of doing something with colors and paints has lingered in my mind almost a month or even more (I don't recall the time cut).

I planned to change the cover of my small cupboards with something more refreshing, simple but still good for eyes. I have 3 small cupboards and the covers are now almost two years old. I guess it is about time to change it. 

So, I just can't wait to get nice fabric to start with this project. And since I don't have the fabrics yet, I played with tissue papers and tried out some dyed patterns. It is so fun and the magic is we'll never know how the pattern will turn out until it happened and we finally see it. 

It's called Fold and Dip method.

Fold the tissue paper and dip it into diluted pastel colors.
 I chose Red and White patterns :)  

Fold the tissue into square and we'll get lines patterns.
Or, try to fold it diagonally to get the diagonal lines.

Some of my creations :) 

One of my fave abstract patterns.
 I love to see the change of color intensity in the paper. 

I call this floral pattern :) 

More floral patterns in soft pink 

Another pattern.. Just have fun folding the paper and change the color concentration 

 The letter L pattern

 I think the wrinkled edge just adds more character to the paper.

Stack of my collection

Stack of my collection from another angle ;)

With this method we can make our own handkerchief, gift paper or even pillow case :)
Isn't it simple and fun!!! :D


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