Saturday, September 26, 2015

Silk and Stones

Hola!! :)

It was just in a snap that I suddenly had the urge to make some tassel necklaces.

It was last week. And, really just out of the blue. 

Honestly, I have been seeing a lot of tassel necklaces and somehow we just didn't the click. Making jewelries for me is a dance. The design or concept is the music while the hands, brain and eyes are the dancers. And in my case, I have to get the song first before I can dance. There are days when I just didn't make new pieces at all. But, the other days, I might be so productive and just could not stop until all ideas are transformed into reality.  

So, tassel necklaces have finally invited me to their wonderland. Here is some tassel necklaces I made and short stories behind them :) 

 Luca is my very first tassel necklace. I want to make tassel necklaces in my way.
Simple but still has a magical sprinkle of ethnic touch. 

 Ludha is the second piece and sold in minutes to my very friendly customer who happened to be my co worker back in the corporate world. Thank you mba Riana. Don't you just love its bright red tassel and translucent blue stones?

 Luma represents feminine in modern way combining the contrast of pink, grey and a bit of rustic touch. I used small Rose Quartz stones to cater to the needs for lighter and humble look. 

 Gama is the only monochrome made so far. It is in charming soft mint. Using Amazonite, Chrysoprase and mint tassel. Hope you love this too.

And finally,  The Raida. It has luxurious and sexy ruby red and mysterious black silk tassel. 
Plus, the rough stone in the pendant just perfectly balanced it all by bringing the rustic feel.

We hope you are excited with our tassel necklaces.
We'll be launching more tassel necklaces by mid October. 
Oh! Have I mentioned that they are one of a kind too?

Happy weekend :)

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