Sunday, December 30, 2012

Inspiring Room & Interiors

Hi friends!

Merry Christmas!

A room is just a room until we give life to it. And, I believe colors, textures, details and sizes are key drivers to making a room beyond functionality. And I am so inspired by some random rooms and interiors ideas below.

Colors in a room:
Blend bold colored interiors in a plain white room. 
framed wall decoration in various bold colors in one size, bright red chairs. 

Bring the boldness in the wall with big diamond wallpaper. 

Similar to the first idea, the bold in this white room coming from its cushions, carpet and table. 

I super like this room for kids simply because it is not too kiddish. 
I guess the wooden furniture making it more 'mature'
The colorful detail and decorations, on the other side, bring out the kiddish side.

Smart Interiors Ideas:

 If we have an 'unusual' corner in the room, why not transform it into a book shelf.

 Half gate for baby keeper

My favorite! Simply because the storage is so classic. 
I always love cafe au lait bowls and like the diamond mug hanger on the wall. 

Smart fold-able study desk for small room.

Hope you have some inspiration as well.

Have a great long weekend and Happy Happy New Year to you and your family.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Finally Opened :)

Hello dear friends,

Nat's Living Store is now online :)
9 asymmetric necklaces are available for sales in the store.
They are perfect for any casual formal occasions.

Check out some of our collection available at the store:

Purple Bubbles ~ for feminine tribal casual look 

 Lavender in Summertime ~ enhance your facial glow 

 Sunshine in the Beach ~ beautiful contrast for your casual elegant look

Peony in a Jar ~ light and simple for your busy days

You're invited to visit the store. It's just a click away. 


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Long Necklace Attack!

BIG HELLO to you!!

Hope you are fine and enjoying life :)

I was drown into works in the office lately. So glad to breath 'fresh air' and to write again! (thanks to the long weekend)

Talking about office or being out of home, what are your favorite accessories that you must wear whenever you're out of home?

As for me, I like earrings and scarfs. I think it is because I don't do any facial make up and I don't highlight my hair, so the earrings help bring glow to my face. While scarfs is very lovable because they can make us look casual and formal at the same time. What a problem solver!! :)

Just lately, I found myself into simple necklaces as well. I didn't wear necklace a lot before because I had scarf wrapping my neck already. But, here's the secret, why not wearing long necklaces and scarf at the same time? Long necklaces manage to show off its personality despite of being hidden under the scarf.

I like simple and casual long necklaces. Check out my new necklace collection made at home.

First collection: Sea shell pendants made of clay, colored with food colorings. 
My camera failed to capture the real color. It should look more like turquoise than blue.
The floral beads give feminine touch to it. Tied with brown faux leather string.
I super like its simplicity and the turquoise pendant contrasts perfectly on any black blouse. 

Second collection: nickle plastic beads and turquoise stones.

The necklace lock

I added small turquoise stones on one side of the necklace.

The pendant is so simple. A big round turquoise stone wrapped with nickle string. 

 and here are the overall looks:

Cheers to simplicity! I love my necklaces :)
Have a great long weekend, friends.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Canvas Canvas on the Wall

Hi Hi!!

We are having a long weekend in Indonesia.
Sekarang sedang libur panjang akhir pekan di Indonesia.

I started my long weekend with a quick room cleaning! I believe neat and clean rooms stimulate our productivity. Do we share the same belief? :)
Saya memulai liburan panjang kali ini dengan bersih-bersih kamar! Saya memeluk kepercayaan bawah kamar yang rapi dan bersih memicu  kita untuk lebih produktif. Apakah teman-teman juga berpikir sama?

Anyway, about a month ago, I found my eyes passionately caught lines of ready-to-use canvases in a bookstore. I knew I must follow the passion that strongly came out of myself when seeing the canvas.
Ngomong-ngomong, kurang lebih sebulan yang lalu, mata saya terpikat susunan canvas yang siap pakai saat  berada di sebuah toko buku. Saya tahu saya harus mengikuti gelorah yang kuat sekali yang keluar saat melihat canvas itu. 

So, I tried some techniques and totally had fun with my experiments of playing with canvas and colors. The results might not be outstanding, even my first trial is ugly hehe, but I am glad that I tried.
Jadilah saya mencoba beberapa teknik dan sepenuhnya menikmati experimen saya bermain dengan canvas dan cat. Hasil karyanya mungkin tidak luar biasa, bahkan percobaan pertama saya terlihat jelek hehe, tapi saya senang saya sudah mencoba.

Let me share with you what I did with the canvas.
Ayo saya ceritakan apa yang saya lakukan dengan canvasnya.

1. Botanical Silhouette 

My first attempt is making a botanical silhouette.It was such a thorough process. 
Apparently freezer paper does not stick on canvas because there are some finishing processes applied on top of the canvas. 
Percobaan pertama membuat siluet tumbuhan. Prosesnya cukup detail. Dan ternyata freezer paper tidak lengket di atas canvas karena banyak finishing yang dilakukan di atas canvas

2. Boho pattern

 Initially I wanted to make lines patterns. 
But turned out that my mood drove me to boho pattern.
Awalnya saya kepikiran untuk membuat pola garis-garis.
Tapi akhirnya mood saya mengarah ke pola boho.

It all started like this. I used a lot of duck tape and double tape. 
As you see, they don't stick perfectly on canvas too.
 But, it adds more texture on the overall look.
Mulanya seperti ini. Saya menggunakan banyak duck tape dan double tape.
Terlihat juga ya bahwa tapes nya juga tidak melekat sempurna di atas kanvas. 
Tapi, tak mengapa! Tokh, belepotannya malah menambah tekstur keseluruhan gambar.

3. Colorful rain

I wanted to express my passion for colors. 
It is just like how I imagined it to be.
Saya kepikiran untuk mengekspresikan kesukaan saya terhadap warna-warni.
Dan hasilnya persis seperti bayangan saya.

Technique used is hot crayon using glue gun. 
I love how the melted crayon splashed naturally on the canvas
Menggunakan teknih hot crayon dengan menggunakan glue gun.
Saya suka percikan-percikan hot crayonnya sangat natural. 

I hope you enjoy your weekend too :)


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wild Flower Necklaces


I'm so inspired to create pendants out of wild flowers.
Saya sangat terinspirasi untuk membuat biji/mata kalung dari bunga liar atau bunga ilalang.

It's simple and fun to make :)
Cara buatnya gampang dan menyenangkan :)

Some of the wild flower pendants I made today.
Beberapa mata kalung dari bunga ilalang yang saya buat hari ini.

We just need nice cookie cutters, clay and the wild flower.
Hanya dibutuhkan cetakan kue kering yang bagus, clay dan bunga liar/ilalangnya.

I chose the tear drop and heart shapes. And, I collected the wild flower near by my place 
Saya memilih bentuk air mata dan hati. Dan, memetik bunga liar/ilalang di sekitaran tempat tinggal 

Check out the final pendants. Simple but super love it :)
Simak hasil akhir mata/biji kalungnya. Sederhana tapi super love it :)

Hope you like them too :)
Happy weekend.. 


Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun Doodles ;)

Hi again :)

So glad to be home. The traffic went crazy this afternoon because it's Friday night! So, I got stuck in the bus for quite sometimes. As you know, I get bored easily. Thanks to my mini sketchbook and a pen in the bag. It was pretty fun to doodle the people I saw while in the bus. 

Here they are... and below is the story... 

 The teenage girl with long hair was in the bus with her mom and little brother. She teased him on and on. I guess she got bored too.

This is her lil' brother.. hmm, may I say, poor brother? hehe 

 He is the guy sitting next to my seat. He slept and slept and slept. 
I didn't even see him checking his cellphone. But, his eyes widened up when the bus hit the city already :D

 The woman in my imagination while looking at a billboard. Looking like an old aunt. hehe

I doodled some faces while in the office during the lunch break:

Fun fun thing to do :)

Happy weekend, friends.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Textures in a Room

I love textures! For me, textures give soul to a room. And off course, they have decorative effects.
Saya suka tekstur. Menurut saya loh ya, tekstur memberikan nyawa pada ruang. Dan tentunya, memiliki unsur dekoratif.

Check out some of my favorite textures in rooms. Let me know if you have some more ideas :)
Simak beberapa ide kesukaan saya tentang tekstur pada ruang. Bila teman-teman punya ide lain, boleh loh dibagikan kesini :)

Brilliant ideas to use painted woods on the wall! Ain't it bring out warmth to the room?!
Menambah kehangatan ruang dengan potongan kayu yang dicat lalu ditempelkan di dinding.

Super love this room! Small white tiles on the walls with brick-like pattern.
The woods on the ceilings just add another accent to the room and lastly, note the glass wall that turns into a mini garden and serves as a room partition. 
Sangat terpikat dengan ruang ini! Tegel putih kecil yang disusun seperti batu bata. Lalu, potongan kayu di langit-langit yang menambah aksen pada ruang dan terakhir, wah! menariknya dinding kaca yang sebenarnya adalah partisi ruang namun dijadikan taman dalam rumah. 

All white walls meet the blue one! I love the tall windows, or is it a door?
Cantiknya olah warna ketika dinding putih bertemu dinding biru. Saya terpikat dengan jendela tingginya. Jendela atau pintu ya? 

Another combination of white and blue in rooms. This room splits the role of blue and white. Blue for furniture. White for the rest (except the floor)
Contoh lainnya tentang kombinasi putih biru pada ruang. Ruang ini memisahkan peran biru dan putih. Biru untuk furniture. Putih untuk elemen lainnya (kecuali lantai)

So many texture on these white rooms from the floor to the ceiling. But what I like the most is the combination of all white room with deep green in the porch. Pretty home.
Beraneka tekstur di dalam ruang, dari lantai hingga langit-langit. Tapi yang paling saya suka adalah kombinasi putihnya ruang ini dengan serambi hijau tua di sampingnya. Rumah yang apik!

Winner of all! Full texture on the walls, ceiling and floor. When black and grey of modern-style house put into different building materials to create textures. 
Juaranya! Kaya tekstur di dinding, langit-langit dan lantai. Menerapkan khas hitam abu-abunya rumah modern pada pemilihan material bangunan sehingga menciptakan tekstur pada ruang. 

Other room in the house. What a lovely white brick walls!
Ruang lainnya. Cantiknya dinding batu bata bercat putih!

Pretty way to create accent in the room with the door frame made of certain stones.
Menciptakan aksen ruang yang apik dengan frame pintu dari bebatuan.

I wonder what texture you like most?! Drop me your stories :)
Saya ingin tahu teksture apa yang paling teman-teman sukai?! Cerita-cerita yah! :)


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