Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Current Crush

Oooohh! I just can't stop my brain from running.

I am so so so inspired at the moment :)

My style in arts is really about Imperfectness. For me, imperfectness enriches the piece.
(But, please don't get me wrong. I am so keen on room arrangment and hardly tolerate messy rooms)

At the moment, I have a crush on handmade art pieces. Apparently, they are all in white and blue :)

Hand printed timber tiles! I really dream of this!
i.e. to have a wall of handprinted tiles (err, not to make the tiles at the moment) 

Handprinted fabric. I finally made my first trial on this, after 1 year!
So happy I tried. But, need to practice more.

Bye bye silver wares. Hello handmade/printed cemaric wares :)
I love its imperfect shapes and color :)

I hope you enjoy reading and inspired too.
Cheers to imperfectness :)