Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bracelet galore :)

It's a long weekend again! I am just like a little girl who got a candy surprise :)
Decided to use this long weekend to manage the store.

Last week, we launched 7 pieces of OOAK (one of a kind) bracelets. They are so special because we used AAA quality gemstone nuggets sourced from around the globe.  I quickly fell in love with the piece.

Inspired by Lavender field - 
Amethyst meets Green Garnet and 925 sterling silver ornament :)

Pyra - simply because the Citrine nugget looks like a pyramid :)
wrapped in Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Labradorite stones and Ancient bead

Rosabelle - with Rose Quartz nugget :)
This is one of my favorite :)

Flood of Aquamarine stone wrapping a gorgeous Crystal Quartz.
I love the color palette, modern ethnic! :)

Looked much better in real than in the picture. 
With chunky Citrine and generous pale Rose Quartz.

Do you see the gorgeous Green Garnet?! 

Exotic piece! :)

The making procees took more than 1 week because I want to be sure on the stone combination.
Photoshoot was taken more than 1 time, again to deliver best quality pictures.

The bracelets are available in our stores in Facebook, Etsy and Instagram (@natslivingstore)
I hope you'll enjoy it :)

Gracias :)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rare and Raw

We just launched new Rare & Raw collection in our jewelry store, Nat's Living Store.

I must be honest that this collection is the extention of my personality. Why so? Because I am always thrilled with organic materials, irregular and rich in texture.

This collection is using rough quartz as the main materials. The quartz are AAA quality, undyed and natural! Each of the stone is special and one of a kind, no duplicate. How gorgeous!!

I was exploring gold ornaments. I believe there are some segments in the market who love golden accessories.

 Rough genuine Citrine bracelet. 
Do you know that Citrine has healing power?

Rough crystal quarts bracelet! I really love its unique shape!

Brass meets matte gold and chunky Green Garnet. 
This necklace is 20-21 inches which will fall nicely because the stone gives enough weight :)

Now, I am really in love with gold. I think I will explore more about it. We also just registered an Instagram account for the store. Hope it won't be too late for us to start in Instagram. We have been thinking about this since long time back. But, since we're not yet managing the store full time, we waited for the right time. So, this is hopefully the right time for us already :)

You can find us in Instagram @natslivingstore or visit our Facebook store here
Happy weekend! :)