Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wild Flower from the Street Side


How have you been?

I got home early from the office today and had a chance to look around the street more conveniently because the day was still bright plus the traffic was friendly due to the exodus that happens annually during the Hari Raya for our moslem friends.

And surprise!! I got these lovely wild flowers (I don't know the name really) on the side of the street near my house.

The colors are adorable. They come in exotic pink and soft orange 

They bloom as a group and each flower consists of 3 petals.

Taa daaa, the final result. Adding more color to the room and it is cost free:)

All together, they somehow remind me of strawberry punch :)

I hope you'll have time to experience with some wild flowers around you as well.
Or even, you've tried applying wild flowers to decorate your home? Share your stories.

Let's do something with whatever we have now.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crafting with Herbs

Hi there! :)

Last year, I tried to dry some fresh flowers by keeping them pressed under thick books for 30 days. I gifted my sister as a present for her new dental clinic. 

Here's the leftover from last year project. I think I will frame the dried up daisy too. :)

Today, I am trying to dry up some fresh baby herbs from the garden for a wall decoration. This time, I plan to keep them for myself :)

  Kemangi or local basil (Indonesia), to add some aroma to the dish :)

 Baby Spinach: I just knew they don't have long roots and wilted easily.

 Kangkung, the leaves have strong character :)

Basil always with its lovely and feminine leaves.

It's a simple project that requires patience. I am keeping them in a thick book again. And, will open it up after 2 months. The result is unpredictable and that's the fun of the game! 

Have you used dried herbs to decorate your wall? 


A Big Hello

Wow! I have been offline for such a long time.

Well, hello again everyone. (I'm not really sure if there is really someone out there reading this blog, really. But at least, it's better to greet than not to greet)

A friend of mine has been strongly encouraging me to blog regularly again. So, I am thinking of re-adjusting the blog content and making it more personal. So, we'll have home and gardening tips and inspiration plus something more in the blog. Let's see if the blog clicks to you. I hope so.