Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crafting with Herbs

Hi there! :)

Last year, I tried to dry some fresh flowers by keeping them pressed under thick books for 30 days. I gifted my sister as a present for her new dental clinic. 

Here's the leftover from last year project. I think I will frame the dried up daisy too. :)

Today, I am trying to dry up some fresh baby herbs from the garden for a wall decoration. This time, I plan to keep them for myself :)

  Kemangi or local basil (Indonesia), to add some aroma to the dish :)

 Baby Spinach: I just knew they don't have long roots and wilted easily.

 Kangkung, the leaves have strong character :)

Basil always with its lovely and feminine leaves.

It's a simple project that requires patience. I am keeping them in a thick book again. And, will open it up after 2 months. The result is unpredictable and that's the fun of the game! 

Have you used dried herbs to decorate your wall? 


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