Friday, October 2, 2015

We Thank You :)


We are about to close our Promotion for Anona Collection tomorrow.
We're so happy to blast 10% off to show our thanksgiving to our customers.

Our customers is our power chargers. Their appreciation and support always encourage us to do more.

That is why we keep on upgrading our material quality, improving our service and providing more alternatives to solve their needs.

For example, we have offered more gold typed chains in the store since last month. Previously, we only had Gold Plated Chain for our Rare & Raw Collection. Our Gold Plated Chain is already safe for skin means it is free from lead and nickel content. But we understand that the gold layer is very thin and vanishes very quickly. While it is safe for skin, it is not so great for eyes.

Hence, we offer more alternative i.e. Gold Filled Chain. Gold Filled chain has very different structure from Gold Plated. Gold plated has less than 0,5% gold content because it is gold dipped only. Gold Filled chain has at least 5% gold content to be qualified as Gold Filled. With well usage and storage, the gold will stay up to 2 years. Note that Gold Filled is not to be mistaken with Gold.

Our Gold Filled chain is available by request for Rare & Raw collection. By the way, it is very affordable and worth the value too.

Please find below some of our Rare & Raw collection that will be a great match to the GF chain.

Its uniquely random pointy shape inspired us to name it Kryptonite.
It is actually the gorgeous raw Rock Quartz.
The shape of the stone is amazingly unique and irreplaceable. 

Our  timeless favorite is this Clear Amethyst Pendant.
Don't you agree about its gorgeous natural purple and all the cutting traces it has?

Clear Green Amethyst is super feminine and exotic.
Its has very light green hues in its translucent character. 

 This petite Amethyst is uniquely has pear shape and eyes similar to figure 8. 
Ain't it gorgeous?

Another Petite Amethyst in other shape.
The stone's eyes seem like a mini archipelago surrounded by snowy ocean :)

We hope you enjoy our last 2 days Promotion and do feel free to contact us for more about the Gold Filled Chain.

We're happy to serve you

Happy weekend

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