Sunday, December 30, 2012

Inspiring Room & Interiors

Hi friends!

Merry Christmas!

A room is just a room until we give life to it. And, I believe colors, textures, details and sizes are key drivers to making a room beyond functionality. And I am so inspired by some random rooms and interiors ideas below.

Colors in a room:
Blend bold colored interiors in a plain white room. 
framed wall decoration in various bold colors in one size, bright red chairs. 

Bring the boldness in the wall with big diamond wallpaper. 

Similar to the first idea, the bold in this white room coming from its cushions, carpet and table. 

I super like this room for kids simply because it is not too kiddish. 
I guess the wooden furniture making it more 'mature'
The colorful detail and decorations, on the other side, bring out the kiddish side.

Smart Interiors Ideas:

 If we have an 'unusual' corner in the room, why not transform it into a book shelf.

 Half gate for baby keeper

My favorite! Simply because the storage is so classic. 
I always love cafe au lait bowls and like the diamond mug hanger on the wall. 

Smart fold-able study desk for small room.

Hope you have some inspiration as well.

Have a great long weekend and Happy Happy New Year to you and your family.