Monday, November 26, 2012

Finally Opened :)

Hello dear friends,

Nat's Living Store is now online :)
9 asymmetric necklaces are available for sales in the store.
They are perfect for any casual formal occasions.

Check out some of our collection available at the store:

Purple Bubbles ~ for feminine tribal casual look 

 Lavender in Summertime ~ enhance your facial glow 

 Sunshine in the Beach ~ beautiful contrast for your casual elegant look

Peony in a Jar ~ light and simple for your busy days

You're invited to visit the store. It's just a click away. 


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Long Necklace Attack!

BIG HELLO to you!!

Hope you are fine and enjoying life :)

I was drown into works in the office lately. So glad to breath 'fresh air' and to write again! (thanks to the long weekend)

Talking about office or being out of home, what are your favorite accessories that you must wear whenever you're out of home?

As for me, I like earrings and scarfs. I think it is because I don't do any facial make up and I don't highlight my hair, so the earrings help bring glow to my face. While scarfs is very lovable because they can make us look casual and formal at the same time. What a problem solver!! :)

Just lately, I found myself into simple necklaces as well. I didn't wear necklace a lot before because I had scarf wrapping my neck already. But, here's the secret, why not wearing long necklaces and scarf at the same time? Long necklaces manage to show off its personality despite of being hidden under the scarf.

I like simple and casual long necklaces. Check out my new necklace collection made at home.

First collection: Sea shell pendants made of clay, colored with food colorings. 
My camera failed to capture the real color. It should look more like turquoise than blue.
The floral beads give feminine touch to it. Tied with brown faux leather string.
I super like its simplicity and the turquoise pendant contrasts perfectly on any black blouse. 

Second collection: nickle plastic beads and turquoise stones.

The necklace lock

I added small turquoise stones on one side of the necklace.

The pendant is so simple. A big round turquoise stone wrapped with nickle string. 

 and here are the overall looks:

Cheers to simplicity! I love my necklaces :)
Have a great long weekend, friends.