Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Personalized crossstitch


How have you been?! I hope you are well :)

We had a happy and sad moment last week in the office when we had to send out our colleague, Stephane, who got promoted in Malaysia. Stephane was with us for 3.5 months. During his short stay with us, he gave tremendous contribution to our business in Indonesia. So, he deserves the promotion! Cheers to that!

In the attempt to give a special farewell gift to him, I tried to personalize all of the marketing members in crossstitch version.

I had fun doing the crossstitch mostly because of the excitement to see how each full body would look like. 

It took 2 hours in the average to complete one person. And I love Anjar' hair and Lala's gesture.

 Hey! That's me in crossstitch version! :)

 It all started with design making. I don't have specific software so I used ms. Excel. It's a comtemplating moment when doing the design because I got to think what hair, clothes and colors to use to match each person.

The design

The final result

Here's some snaps so you can see us in real.

fast breaking 2012

Steph's farewell dinner

Steph and I doing a silly picture

I hope you like the crossstitch as a gift inspiration :)


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