Sunday, September 9, 2012

My First Succulent


Wow! I had a pleasant weekend.

My friend took me with a group of his friends to Bandung in West Java, 2 hours from Jakarta by car. It was not planned at all for me.

The main purpose is to attend his friend's wedding. So, since it was not at all planned for me, I came in white t-shirt and blue jeans (thanks to my ever present scarf and a beginner's skill of doing hair updo, I hoped I made it somehow casual formal in the wedding).  

Since we were in Bandung already, we wanted to do something more in the city and tried to do it easily and  spontaneously. Little did I know that we were heading to a strawberry garden and surprise, inside there was a small greenhouse providing many potted succulent and sansivieria plants for sales.

In a nutshell, I was in heaven since it is one of my dreams to have succulent collection. 

My first Succulent collection.
And a pot of Sansivieria, named Pagoda which is popular in Korea.

Check out some of succulents and sansivieria plants that hit my eyes yesterday.

 I don't know their names

 Succculent is known as desert plants 

 They store moisture in times of drought

But, they still need regular watering at least once in 3 days

This one is so feminine and gorgeous

 They can be kept indoor.

  But need to have outdoor exposure once a week

This one looks like sueded succulent. So charming

We also found hanging plants but decided to buy it when we have our own house already. I am so passionate about having these lovely plants in my future garden.

Let me know if you know the name of the plants in the picture or any experience growing up some succulents.

Hope you also had a pleasant weekend!


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