Friday, September 14, 2012

Floral Doodles

Hello hello! :)

How are you?!

I finally take the courage to prove my old belief about myself wrong! Before, I kept telling myself that adoring arts is enough, no need to start creating something by myself. 

Two days ago, I finally did it! I drew. It is really my first time trying to do it seriously. My objects are flowers.  
Here are some of my floral doodles. It's far from being great but the point is I was able to conquer my own self. 

Doodling in a low light taxy during traffic jam 

My very first trial! During lunch break in the office 

Also during lunch break :) 

 Again, during lunch break!

The next day, while waiting for a group discussion. My friend said it looked like mosquitoes :)

Always believe in what your heart tells you. You are amazing as long as you allow yourself to be amazing. Always live your passion because we live just once. So, why not making it awesome! :)

Take the courage and just do it! 


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