Friday, September 21, 2012

Botanical Doodles

Hi again!

I saw so many ferns on the forest in my way back home in homeland! 

My hometown is Curup, a small town in Bengkulu, Sumatra. It sits on the side of a mountain. So, the weather is great, the people are nice and the plants are happy! :)

It takes two hours riding in a car from the airport in Bengkulu to reach home in Curup. In the ride, we spent at least an hour in the forest. So, it was intensive exposure to the ferns!

I was so inspired because I love ferns. 

Check out some of my fern doodles that I did on the airplane flying back to Jakarta.

Here's my very first trial with fern

 Trying to capture another type of fern

another one... 

and, another one..

I am so new with drawing and doodling.
But, I think I am liking it more and more now :)

Do you also have a new hobby? 
Just do it and just do it! :)


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