Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Walking Project 2 - Spotted East Kemang

Here comes the second walking project I had last weekend. So glad to write about this project again.

Route : Mampang Prapatan to Kemang Timur
Duration : more or less 60 minutes
Date & Time : March 12th, 2011 @9:30 am
Partners in crime: My yellow backpack, pocket camera and Aqua 600ml 

Why I chose Kemang?
One of Kemang's strong characteristics is its local arts and crafts stores. Nothing else can beat great stuffs with reasonable budget. Plus, I am into wooden furniture. And, that is Kemang's gem.

What I got from the 60 minute-journey?
Surely exercising time coupled with soul feeding moment. That is how I sometimes spend my 'me-time', walking through the green green roads and meeting strangers.

On top of that, I got unique findings. Let me share with you all...

Meet Pak Toto. In 1985, he opened his furniture store. He said his store was a hit in the old days. But, things didn't work out really well for him due to his store location that is not in the heart of Kemang. Now, he lives by fixing bikes and renovating wooden furniture.

 Snapshot of Pak Toto's working space. Take a look at his 'old treasure'.

Meet a dangling-lamp store named Istana Design where you can buy vintage dangling lamps.

The owner of the store buys old lamps, fix them and re-sell them with affordable budget starting from 25USD up to 150USD. 
Meet Pasar Pernik - this store is like a statue gallery for me.

Hey, I found lamp & lampshade store again!! But, this one does not sell second-hand lamps. 
Meet Cahaya store.

Meet Galeri Pot - a vase gallery (yipee, this can be a good reference)

Meet Downing's Street - an American-French Farmhouse store! Almost a heaven for me.

Meet a small stall of Indonesia traditional toys.

 Here's one of its product, lovely 'bajaj' 

Along the street, I found a huge wooden gate with a pledge saying "In the Middle of the Garden Museum"
So curious to see what's inside. But, it's locked. 

Meet 47 Arts. This is the last store I visited. It is a store without physical store really. The products they offer are just scattered along the street. Wonderful. I think this is so unique.

They do furniture makeover. We can choose which furniture we want from their 'along-the-street gallery'.  The good part of renovating old furniture is that old furniture are mainly made from good quality wood. Do you like this vintage cupboard?

Meet Mas Pras, the makeover man. 

On top of the above stores, some of friendly people beside the street asked me to take their picture. They are nice and friendly. They added more spices in my short journey.

Meet Bang Opud - the gado-gado man from Bandung. 
I promised him to give him the print-out next time we meet. (hope we'll meet again, bang Opud).

They were almost jealous with the store (Istana Design) since I photographed the store but not them.
So, I took their picture too. Meet Irwan and Dahlan.

And lastly, these abang-abang ojeg were almost jealous with Irwan and Dahlan since they were just few meters away. So, here they go. And they like their picture! Hope to see you again, bapak-bapak :)

I have a pleasant weekend!
Thanks a lot to all abang-abang and bapak-bapak for making my walking project worth 60 minute walking!


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