Thursday, September 10, 2015

Our Thursday Darlings: New Rare and Raw Collection

Thursday is here! :)

Thursday is an exciting day! Not so far from the early week and so close to the weekend already.
Ain't it just the best day to plan the weekend?

Today, we launched our new Rare & Raw collection to kick off the weekend spirit *winks winks*

We're always so in love with Rare & Raw, the stones are amazingly gorgeous. I hope the pictures below are able to capture their true natural beauty. They are much better in real than in the picture, actually.

So so in love with these gorgeous pieces.

Genuine Amethyst is cut geometrically. It is petite and charming. 
Comes in two kinds of stone quality. Highlighted here is the clear quality Amethyst.
Ah! They are just stunning :) 

We proudly present our Gift Series. They are wrapped in gold plated frame.
We use gold plated chain that is safe for skin. They are lead free and nickel free. 

 Look at this beautiful Marquise Agate! Oh, it sparkles just like we breathe.
It is covered with countless sugary crystal. And its color is so feminine and elegant.

Another Marquise Agate pendant in her exotic bright pink :) How lovely it is to match with its gold frame. We also have gold filled chain in case you want to upgrade your chain quality. It is much higher quality than gold plated. The gold can last for 2 years with good cares. 

Our very last piece of Mini Amethyst Jungle. It is as petite as 1,5cmx1,5cm. Gorgeous purple! :)
It comes with rust free silver chain. You can request the chain length for free :)

Last review for today post is this perfect Oval ring. This made of Natural Agate stone.
Adjustable ring with two hoops. Very rare and a must have! :) 

Check our online store for more collection while they are still available.
Each stone is unique and different. They have no replica so when you love it, let us know so we can reserve it for you :)

Click here to visit the store.

Hope you'll have a great day and fun weekend ahead :)

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