Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bring Back The Dutch Doors

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I was browsing some interesting sources on interiors few months ago and I fell into love on the first sight with this door called Dutch door or also known as Half door. My mind went back to my childhood in the hometown when I saw this door.

Dutch door is a very helpful door that is divided horizontally into two. The bottom half is usually shut while the top half opens. This way, we can stay safe with the closed bottom and freely connected with the other rooms with its opened top. I imagine that this door will be perfect in a land with fresh air.

Its top half is usually comes in a window format which allows enough light to come in. Ain't this door so helpful?

It can act as an entry door.

or as a room divider which extremely useful in a house with toddlers. Other way to optimize its benefit is making it a stair door. So you can avoid your toddlers from claiming the stair unattentively. I love how the dutch door in this room is painted in deep red to bring the contrast to the dominant white.

So, if you are thinking about making an entry door or a room divider, why not considering a dutch door especially if you are located in a location with fresh and healthy air. 

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