Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun Doodles ;)

Hi again :)

So glad to be home. The traffic went crazy this afternoon because it's Friday night! So, I got stuck in the bus for quite sometimes. As you know, I get bored easily. Thanks to my mini sketchbook and a pen in the bag. It was pretty fun to doodle the people I saw while in the bus. 

Here they are... and below is the story... 

 The teenage girl with long hair was in the bus with her mom and little brother. She teased him on and on. I guess she got bored too.

This is her lil' brother.. hmm, may I say, poor brother? hehe 

 He is the guy sitting next to my seat. He slept and slept and slept. 
I didn't even see him checking his cellphone. But, his eyes widened up when the bus hit the city already :D

 The woman in my imagination while looking at a billboard. Looking like an old aunt. hehe

I doodled some faces while in the office during the lunch break:

Fun fun thing to do :)

Happy weekend, friends.


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